A downloadable pack

A levelpack which focuses around new mechanics all to do with letters. Intended for those who have beat the base game and who are relatively familiar with the editor-exclusive words.

Contains 4 worlds, all using custom music, palettes, sprites, and not to mention the pack is completely unmodded! 

100% is 57/4/0.

Install instructions

After downloading, unzip the file and place it in the Worlds folder of Baba Is You on steam. The worlds folder is located under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Baba Is You\Data\Worlds. Enjoy!


letters+ download (zip file) 14 MB
update log (optional download) 6 kB


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this pack is eXcellEnt!!

Edit: I've done a full playthrough 

I don't know why but this isn't working for me, I couldn't beat "fishy business" so I looked up a video of it being solved, I followed it step by step yet it didn't work.

link to image of solution that clearly isn't working:

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thanks for the info! just replayed it and yeah, it's definitely broken. after tinkering around in the editor, i've discovered that it's caused by a recent bug in the game that affects stacked text, and unfortunately there's no alternative ways i can make the level work, so we'll just have to wait for the bug to be fixed. i've messaged the developer about it so hopefully it won't take too long :(


Does this also not use metatext? Or even FEELING? If so, wow.


it uses a tiny bit of FEELING! but no metatext - i find it too complicated to use without mods, so i opted into not using it at all.